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“Madad” The Initiative to Support Culture in Egypt

The Initiative to Support Culture in Egypt Open Call for Applications: Grants to Support Cultural Initiatives in Villages, Rural & Popular Areas. Application deadline: October 20, 2013. Madad (The Cultural Support Initiative) is an independent Egyptian grant-making institution, financed by individuals, companies, banks and other organisations and agencies, whose purpose is to fund local cultural projects in Egypt. Lire la suite »

25 January

A l’occasion du premier anniversaire de la Révolution du 25 Janvier, la Ressource Culturelle (Al Mawred Al Thaqafi) a publié « 25 » pour célébrer la Révolution Egyptienne, commémorer les hommes et les femmes courageux qui sont mort pour cette cause, et pour marquer notre soutien à la Révolution jusqu’à elle réalise tous ses buts. L’ouvrage contient 25 commentaires, 25 profils de ... Lire la suite »

Sam3na – A new Competition for Instrumental Music

Sama3na seeks to promote instrumental music by creating a larger fan-base for it and by supporting emerging instrumental musicians and discovering and supporting new talents. Sama3na opens an interactive discussion on instrumental music. Lire la suite »

The Competition for Establishing National Funds for Arts & Culture has been cancelled

Culture Resource decided to cancel the competition for establishing national funds for culture in Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Morocco & Algeria due to the limited number of the submitted applications, which did not exceed 3 applications from the 5 aforementioned countries. Culture Resource launched this competition in August 2013, and has extended its deadline twice. The last deadline was November 5th, ... Lire la suite »

Hayy 2013

Hayy 2013

Thursday, July 18 Noura Mint Seymali - Mauritania Thursday, July 25 Nawel Ben Kraiem - Tunisia Saturday, August 01 Ghalia Benali - Tunisia Friday, August 02 Khansa Batma – Morocco Thursday, August 04 Sanaa moussa – Palestine Tickets: 20EGP All concerts start at 9 PM Lire la suite »

Action for Hope

Action for Hope

Culture Resource cordially invites you to the closing event of the first Action for Hope in Ezbet Khairallah and Establ Antar areas, held in El Gabakhana, Old Cairo, on Tuesday 11 June 2013 at 7pm. Lire la suite »

El Genaina Summer Opening Program 2013


Thursday, April 11 Ghalia Benali - Tunisia Tickets: 20 EGP Thursday, April 18 Opening Act: Rami Attalah Quintet Karim Ziad Quintet – Algeria / France Tickets: 20 EGP Thursday, April 25 Opening Act: Shawar3na Autostrad - Jordan Tickets: 20 EGP...... Lire la suite »

Imkan Conclusion

Imkan Conclusion

After 7 days of discussions, debates and training, Culture Resource (Al Mawred Althaqfy) celebrates the success of the first training forum for young Arab cultural leaders Imkan, on Sunday 17 March at Makan (the Egyptian centre for culture and arts). Lire la suite »

Out to Daylight

Al Adham Publishing House in Cairo has released Out to Daylight, a new novel by young Egyptian author Najla Allam, which was received the 2011 exceptional Production Award from Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy). This novel is an attempt to understand the human journey.... Lire la suite »

Son of the Sun

Ain Publishing House in Cairo has released Son of the Sun, a new novel by Sudanese author Rania Maamoun which was supported by Cultural Resource( Al mawred Al Thaqafy) and the Arab Fund for Art and Culture (AFAC). Son of the Sun is the third novel by Rania Maamoun, following Green Flash, published in 2006 and 13 Months of Sunshine published in 2009. The novel includes two parallel tales, the first one is about a shy young man who can only relate to human beings through their ears, while the second tale is about a homeless person open to life and unbound by anything but the rules of survival. These two narratives intersect when the two characters meet at the end of the novel. Lire la suite »

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