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Awel Rabie – April 2004

Awel Rabie – April 2004       

Sounds, colors, ideas and images from the Mashreq, the Maghreb & the South

Awel Rabie is a cultural program that celebrated the launch of Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy). It was presented in cooperation with the Young Arab Theatre Fund, Remal Designs and Townhouse Gallery in Cairo during the period from 8 to 23 April 2004.



Thursday 8 April
Music and Singing: Baluji Srivastav (India)
Asmaa Lmnawar (Morocco)
Friday 9 April
Meet the Organization: Young Arab Theatre Fund
Modern Dance: “Dilo” by Opiyo Okach (Kenya)
“Improvisation” by Beatrice Kombe (Ivory Coast)
Saturday 10 April
Meet the Organization: Al Urmawi Center for Music (Palestine)
Poetry and Music: Breyten Breytenbach (South Africa)
Chris Abani (Nigeria)
Suleyman Erguner (Turkey)
Thursday 15 April
Meet the Organization: Al Maamal Foundation for Contemporary Art (Palestine)
Music: Saeed Chraibi (Morocco)
Khaled Jubran (Palestine)
Friday 16 April
Youth Forum: Music (Saeed Chraibi & Khaled Jubran)
Meet the Organization: The Arab African Center for Theatre Formation and Research (Tunis)
Meet the Organization: Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center (Palestine)
Rap: Iron Sheikh (USA/Palestine)

Saturday 17 April
Meet the Organization: The Cultural Cooperative for Youth in Theatre and Cinema (SHAMS) – (Lebanon)
Singing: Beihdja Rahal (Algeria)
Kamilya Jubran (Palestine)
Sunday 18 April
Opening of the exhibition “Egyptian Architects 1920 – 1960”
Meet the Organization: Gudran for Art and Development
Storytelling: “The Man-tree”, Odero Aghan (Kenya)
“El Faramawy Diaries”, Sayed Ragab (Egypt)
Friday 23 April
Youth Forum: Acting (Sayed Ragab & Odero Aghan)
Meet the Organization: Center for the Photograph and the Building (Egypt)
Meet the Organization: Independent Filmmakers for Production and Distribution (SEMAT)–(Egypt)
Singing: Al Aliya Bint Al Midah (Mauritania)
Fatma Sarhan (Egypt)

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