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Action for Hope Concludes its 4th Round in Al Marj Syrian refugee camp – Lebanon

Despite the bad weather and snowstorms, Action for Hope concludes its events in Al Marj Syrian refugee camp in the Bekaa Valley – Lebanon, on Monday 16 December.

The closing event included a photography and video exhibit and performances by the children and youth of Al Marj Camp.

The 4th action for hope was launched on Thursday, December 5. Its program included workshops in theater, music, visual arts, film and creative writing, as well as artistic events, basic education classes for primary and preparatory school children using speed learning methods, basic medical aid and psychological consultations. Donated books, art supplies, musical instruments, medicines and medical supplies, computers, and sports gear were distributed. A cocking contest was also organized, and diesel fuels have been distributed to all resident families in the camp for the purpose of heating.
The volunteer artists, doctors, and teachers who took part in the action are: Basma El Husseiny (Egypt), Idriss Ekla (Morocco), Hamdi Jouini (Tunisia), Khaldoun Al Shami ( Syria), Khaled Qasim (Syria), Mohamed Abdel Rahim (Egypt), Nada Riad(Egypt), Obaida Al Sharif (Iraq), Osama El Metwaly (Egypt), Sondos Shabayek (Egypt), Shaban El Manfalouti.

Action for Hope aims to support and empower distressed communities suffering from war, displacement, violent political turmoil, or difficult living conditions, through providing them with tools for expression, learning, healing, creativity and communication. The initiative seeks to provide a comprehensive package of services and activities that address the material, moral and emotional needs of these communities in order to help them re-constitute their lives and regain their ability to function socially. In 2013, the initiative’s work focused on Syria and Egypt, in response to the undergoing turbulent political and social changes.

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