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Lost and Found –by Al Darb Al Ahmar Arts School


Al Darb Al Ahmar Arts School presents:

Lost and found
Directed by: Hanan Hajj Ali
8 PM – Wed & Thurs 12 & 13 February 2014
Falaky Theatre, 24 Falaky St., Downtown Cairo
Tickets LE10

Sara got lost, or maybe not? Loss is an elusive concept. Sometimes we lose things that are right in front of us. Let’s look together for the lost girl who might be hidden in the breathless circus stunts, the accelerating drumming or in the turbulent stream of events.

The search for Sara will start on Wednesday 12 February 2014, at 8 pm and will continue until Thursday 13 February 2014 at the same hour.

Lost and Found a circus performance inspired by the stories and anecdotes of the students at Al Darb Al Ahmar Arts School (DAAS). It revolves around their interests and their interactions with their families, their neighborhood and the country.

The performers, aged between 8 and 18, use the skills they learned at DAAS, which are circus, percussion and brass instruments as well as acting, dancing and singing. The performance integrates improvisation along with professional training.

Request a performance DAAS at your venue, email Khawla Abu Saada, DAAS Director:

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