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Mawa3eed Results 2014

March 2014 Round:

Cimatheque (Egypt):  The grant supports the Tunisian film critic Taher Chikhaoui’s trip from France to Egypt so that he can take part in the Kurrasat Al-Cimatheque workshop on film critique writing and participate in developing this training programme. The grant also supports the travel expenses of Victor Breis from Lebanon to Egypt to take part in a Cimatheque workshop on sound design and engineering and to help develop the organisation’s training programme.

Remah Jabr (Jordan/Palestine): Obtained a grant to support her travel from Belgium to Palestine to conduct a workshop on writing and the performance arts in collaboration with the Palestine Writing Workshop.

Mahmoud Abdel Hafiz (Egypt): With the help of this grant, two artists from Cairo can travel from Cairo to Agadir, Morocco, in order to present and discuss the documentary film, “18 Days in the Heart of the Egyptian Revolution,” directed by Mirit Mikhail, and to conduct two workshops, one on filmmaking and the other on photography.

Studio Emad Eddin Foundation (Egypt): The grant helps cover the travel expenses of Darine Hotait (Lebanon) so that she can come to Egypt from the US in order to supervise a Cinephilia Screenwriting Lab workshop held in Cairo.

Ahmed Borham (Egypt): The design architect won a grant to support his travel from Egypt to Palestine to take part in the international summer school organised by the University of  DuisburgEssen’s Advanced Research in Urban Systems (ARUS) Centre and the Department of Architecture at Birzeit University, Palestine.

Ramallah Municipality (Palestine): The travel grant helps the municipality cover the costs of inviting artistic groups from Jordan, Morocco and Egypt to Palestine to take part in the “Wen Ala Ramallah” festival that the municipality organises annually.

Rusul Al Nasser (Jordan): The Mawa3eed grants made it possible for two individuals to travel from Jordan to Lebanon to take part in the El Watar Hassas project which basically involves filming meetings and interviews with independent artists in the Arab region revolving around the impact of the Arab Spring on their artistic output.

Hamza Boulaiz (Morocco): The grant helps make it possible for six artists and performers to travel from Morocco to Jordan to present a work that combines dance, live installation art and theatre in the ninth edition of the International Free Theatre Nights event in the Layali Festival in Jordan.

Mohamed Ould Idoumou (Mauritania): The grant supports his travel from Mauritania to Morocco to take part in the Arab World Short Film Festival.

June 2014 Round:

Abdel Mohsin Al-Qattan Foundation (Palestine): The grant supports nine students travelling from Morocco, Iraq, Mauritania, Egypt, Lebanon, Oman and Tunisia to Jordan to take part in the Drama in Education Summer School which is one of the al-Qattan Foundation’s programmes in the Professional Development track of its Research and Development Programme.

Malafat Band / Aly Talibab and Hesham L Kelesh (Egypt): the duo received a Mawa3eed travel grant to support their musical tour from Egypt to Lebanon, Jordan and Tunisia in order to produce an album for the band.

Al Kamandjâti Association (Lebanon): The grant supports the travel expenses of ten musicians from Al Kamandjâti, Palestine to Lebanon so that they can take part in an intensive music summer camp programme in Lebanon.


September 2014 Round:
Ahmed Saleh (Egypt): With the help of this grant, seven individuals from Egypt could travel to Algeria to present the “Hooga” project (which fuses literature, theatre, storytelling and mime) as one of the activities of the 5th edition of the Bejaia International Film Festival.

Alif  Band : received a grant to support the travel of five members of the band from Lebanon, Egypt, Switzerland and Britain to Morocco to take part in the Visa for Music festival in Morocco.

Cairo Jazz Festival (Egypt): The travel grant helped the festival organisers invite seven musicians from the Bob Maghrib band to take part in the 7th edition of the Cairo Jazz Festival.

Mirna Bamieh (Palestine): The grant facilitates her trip from Beirut to Marrakesh so that she can screen an annotated film she created as part of the Digital Marrakech Festival.

Yacine Sebti (Morocco): The grant supports his trip from Brussels to Beirut to take part “Jogging”, an interactive visual-dramatic work in progress.


December 2014 Round:

Ettijahat.Independent Culture: The grant helps make it possible for this independent cultural organisation to invite 11 researchers from Syria, once every three months, to take part in the researchers meetings it holds in the framework of the second round of the Studies to Enhance Knowledge Culture programme.

Waseem Khair: The grant enables him to travel from Palestine to Beirut to present the last work of the Palestinian film director Francois Abou Salem “In the Shadow of the Martyr” at the Metro Al Madina Theatre.

Jad Abbas, AKA Boikutt: The grant was awarded to him so that he could travel from Amman to Cairo to take part in the music programme of the 4th edition of the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival: D-Caf.  

Rima Khcheich: The grant supports her travel, together with her ensemble, from Lebanon and the Netherlands in order to participate in the 7th edition of the Cairo Jazz Festival.

Harsem Art Troupe: The grant helps make it possible for five of this company’s members to travel from Palestine to Tunisia to participate in the art residency programme organised by the Tunisian Association Majanin El Rakh. The ten-day programme, called “Art in the Land”, includes performances by both companies as well as a joint performance staged by both.

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