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Mawa3eed Results of 2006

The Results of the 2006 Mawa3eed Program
“Mawa3eed” is a program presented for the first time by Culture Resource. The program aims at encouraging and supporting the circulation of creative works within the Arab region by partially financing travel expenses of artists and writers participating in cultural events in the Arab region with a sum that does not exceed $4000 or the equivalent in Arab currencies.
The program was first announced in March 2006 and Culture Resource received more than forty applications from artists and organization from all over the Arab world. In the beginning of June 2006, after the deadline, the applications were evaluated and eight winners were selected for receiving support from “Mawa3eed”, and the winners are:

  1. Incognito for music production – Lebanon: received a travel grant for “Sharkiat (Fathy Salama)” from Egypt and Lina Chamamyan from Syria in order to present concerts in the Oriental Jazz festival in Beirut.
  2. Actress Kholoud Nasser – Lebanon: received a grant to travel to Morroco to present “Squeeck” a theatre performance in the university theatre festival in Morroco and presenting it also in Menya, Egypt and conducting a workshop there for the children of the Upper Egypt Choir.
  3. Al Hara Theatre Company – Palestine & Tawassoll Theater Company – Iraq: a grant to conduct a theater workshop in Jordan for the two companies resulting in a theater performance by the two companies.
  4. Makan house of expression – Jordan: a grant to host “White Coffee” a play directed by the Lebanese director Omar Rageh in the street arts festival in Jordan in cooperation with Zico house from Lebanon.
  5. The international photography forum – Syria: a travel grant for artists Rim Hassan and Motaaz El Safty from Egypt, and Nadim Bu Habib and Sharbel Tourby from Lebanon; to participate in the forum.
  6. The International workshops – Alexandria Atelier – Egypt: a travel grant for artists Shady Zaqzouq and Inass Yasseen and Reema El Mezayen and Hussein Radwan from Palestine and Juman Al Nomeiry from Jordan to travel to Egypt to participate in the workshop.
  7. Al Hakwaty Theater – Palestine: a travel grant to Tunisia to present a theater performance “Gilgamesh 3” in Teatro Theater in Tunisia.
  8. Al Riwaq Arts Gallery – Bahrain: A travel grant for Rula Halwany – Palestine and Tarek Al Ghosseen from Kuwait to participate in the Photography exhibition: “Perceptions of Palestine”

“Mawa3eed” represents an important opportunity for Arab artists to circulate their creative works within the Arab region and to exchange knowledge and expertise with other artists. It also gives the public the opportunity to appreciate new artistic forms from different countries in the region.

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