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Mawa3eed Results of 2007

The Results of the 2007 Mawa3eed Program
The winners of Mawa3eed Program in 2007 are:

  1. Roger Assaf (Lebanon): received a grant to travel to Algeria to present “bawabet Fatmah” in the Algeria Festival for Professional Theatre.
  2. EM Art Studio(Egypt): received a grant to travel to Beirut and Amman to present “Ahmar Kani” performance in Beirut International Platform of dance and Amman International Dance Festival.
  3. Khalil Al Sakakeni Cultural Centre (Palestine): received a grant to make a photography exhibition under the supervision of Akram Zaatari from the centre.
  4. Fayoum International Winter Art Centre: a travel grant for Mohanad Al Torman and Heba Al Hadid (students in the Fine Arts faculty) to participate in the Fayoum International Winter Art Center’s workshops.
  5. Alexandria Atelier- Egypt : Nine Arab artists from Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria received a grant to travel with their works to Lebanon to participate in Ramy’s Digital Art Workshop.
  6. Saben Shoker –Lebanon: received a grant to Shafshawn Days Theatre Festival in Morocco.
  7. Sherif Sarhan- Palestine: received a grant to travel to Egypt, Jordon and lebanon to present his film and book called ” Gaza War” in Semat in Egypt, Makan in Jordon and “Taa’ Marbota” in Lebanon.
  8. Hala Troupe- Egypt: Hedar El Helw, Bassem Fayad and Oday Rashid received a grant to travel to Egypt to participate in making a film called “A long film on sorrow” directed by Tamer Al Said.
  9. Mantyoun group Egypt: received a grant to travel to Tunisia to present a puppet show in The Euro-Mediterranean Festival for Youth Theatre.

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