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Mawa3eed Results of 2010

Mawa3eed: A program for supporting cultural and artistic exchange in the Arab region

Results of the 2010 Mawa3eed Program

The winners of Mawa3eed Program in 2010 are:
In 2010 38 total applications were received and 16 projects received support.
The 2010 Juries for the Mawa3eed awards: in March, Huda Qadumi, Ola Khalidi, Bayan Kanoo. June: Khaled Mattawa, Azze Eldine Gannoun, Mary Elias. September: Hanan Hajj Ali, Basma El Husseiny, Heba Saleh. December: Ola Khalidi, Bayan Kanoo, Samy Hossam

March 2010 Grantees:

  1. -Dr. Abdel Kereem of the Basra University Theater Department, received a travel grant for 9 students to travel from Iraq to participate in Festival for University Theater in Fes, Morocco, and to participating in theater workshops in Syria and Morocco
  2. – Mohammad Shaqdih of Jordan received a travel grant to travel and ship his artistic pieces from Amman to Alexandria to participate in the Biennale of Bibliotheca Alexandrina and a solo exhibition at the Gudran Association for Art & Development during April 2010
  3. -Nadia Kaabi of Tunisia received a travel grant to travel and ship her sculpture from Berlin to Cairo, to participate in a solo exhibition at Darb 1718 Contemporary Art and Culture Center.
  4. -Nada Kanao of Lebanon received a travel grant to cover the travel costs for 8 members of the Beirut Dance Company to travel from Beirut to Amman to participate in the international dance festival Zakharef in Motion in Amman.

June 2010 Grantees:

  1. -The musical group Wajd of Bethlehem University received a travel grant for supporting 10 members to travel from Palestine to Tunisia, to participate in the International Universities Festival in Sousse, Tunisia.
  2. -Ihab Abuhammad of Orange Red productions, Jordan and Hamza Mraihi of the Amine et Hamza band, Tunisia received a travel grant for the Amine et Hamza band to travel from Tunisia to Jordan to present two concerts at the Jara Festival, and at another concert organized by Orange Red productions

September 2010 Grantees:

  1. -Shareef Sarhan of Gaza received travel support to complete an artist-in-residence project at Makan in Amman, Jordan.
  2. -Muhaned Hadi of Iraq received support for 6 cast members of the theater performance Camp to travel from Iraq to Algeria and Jordan, to participate in the Algeria International Theater Festival in October, 2010 and the Jordan Theater Festival, in November 2010.
  3. -Laila Soliman of Egypt received travel support for 13 members of the theater performance Spring Awakening to travel from Cairo to Beirut to present the performance at Dawar Shams Theater in Beirut, Lebanon.
  4. -Nada Homsi of Syria/Canada received support for 3 cast members of the theater performance Another Fifteen Seconds to travel from Toronto to Jordan to perform in the Amman Theater Festival.
  5. -The National Week Film Festival of Mauritania received travel support for Moroccan director Mohamed Bouhari to travel from Belgium to Mauritania to present his documentary film Moscow Square during the Festival.

December 2010 Grantees:

  1. -Rafat Al Zakout of Damascus for the travel of 5 members of BAB Troupe of Theater Arts from Syria to Egypt, to participate in the Creative Forum for Independent Theater Groups in Alexandria with the theater performance The Zoo Story
  2. -Ahmed El Attar/Downtown Contemporary Art Festival of Egypt to support the travel of the theater companies of Issam Bou Khaled and Sawsan Bou Khaled from Beirut to Cairo, to participate with two performances in the Downtown Contemporary Art Festival, the first multidisciplinary international festival for contemporary art in Cairo
  3. -Nada Kanao of Lebanon to support the travel of 8 members of Beirut Dance Company from Lebanon to Jordan, to participate in the Amman International Dance Festival , Zakharef in Motion, and to Egypt, to participate in the Egyptian International Modern Dance Festival, organized by the Egyptian Opera House in Cairo
  4. -Mirna Bamieh/Palestinian Art Court of Palestine to support the freight costs for transporting the work of the late Palestinian artist Suleiman Mansour for exhibition in Dubai, Qatar, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Jordan, and then to Jerusalem, and travel of the exhibition’s curator from Jerusalem to Jordan to arrange and follow-up on the transfer of the entire exhibition that was assembled in Amman to Jerusalem
  5. -Hilal Albadi of Oman to travel from Muscat to Lebanon to participate in four workshops in Lebanon called Muhtaraf about how to write a novel in the field of theater and film script writing

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