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“300 Miles” wins prize at Doclisboa

“300 Miles” wins prize at Doclisboa

300 Miles, by the Syrian film director Orwa Al Moktad, was awarded the prize for “Best first full-length narrative film that conveys a new vision” in this year’s Doclisboa film festival. The film was produced with support from the Culture Resource Foundation through the foundation’s Production Grants program.

300 miles is the distance that separates the filmmaker, residing in northern Syria, from his niece who lives in the south. Both share, through the lenses of their respective cameras, images of their contradictory worlds thereby posing many questions regarding the causes of the distances that have been created in this region since the establishment of Israel and that have broadened in the complex courses of the revolution that began against an oppressive regime that rested its legitimacy on the claim of being the defender of the Palestinian cause and resistance. The film attempts to answer these questions through the characters of the civil society activist Adnan and the Syrian Free Army commander Abu Yareb.

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