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Announcing opening of applications for Abbara 2017 – 2018

Announcing opening of applications for Abbara 2017 – 2018

Supporting the institutional development of independent cultural initiatives in the Arab region
Call for Applications –Round 5 (2017 – 2018)

Culture Resource invites independent cultural initiatives/organizations who seek support in strengthening their institutional structures to apply for Round 5 of the Abbara Program. The call was opened on 26 May. Deadline for submitting applications is 22 July 2016. Applications can only be submitted in Arabic using the online form (below).

Abbara Program – General Background
The Abbara program was launched in 2011 in response to the socio-political events unfolding in many countries of the Arab region in order to support independent cultural organisations as key actors in the processes of democratic transformation.

The program supports and empowers independent cultural institutions in playing a central and sustainable role in fostering values of freedom, respect for artistic creativity and critical thinking, and the acceptance of diversity. Additionally, the program supports these independent cultural organizations in performing their basic role as providers of cultural and artistic services to the different sectors of society. To achieve its mission, the Abbara program provides targeted support to the institutionalization process of its beneficiaries. A strengthened administrative and organizational structure of program beneficiaries is the key outcome of the program.

Program Goals

– To enhance the administrative and organisational efficacy of independent cultural organisations/ initiatives, with a focus on ensuring their long-term stability and sustainability.
– To empower independent cultural organisations/ initiatives in effectively playing a role in the public sphere, and in disseminating values of freedom, respect for artistic creativity and critical thinking, and tolerance through providing targeted support in key areas such as audience-building and cultural programming, communication and promotion, and strategic positioning.
– To create an informal network for program participants as a means to increasing the exchange of expertise and knowledge, and a stimulus to develop and implement joint projects that address issues of common interest.

Types of Support

Financial support – is limited to core funding to cover (partially or fully) key staff salaries, rent and maintenance, refurbishment of work/cultural space, running costs, development of a website, and legal counselling. Financial support does not include implementation of programme activities. Financial support covers a minimum timeframe of 12 months.
Cultural management training – is a specific, specialized training that builds the capacity in the area of cultural management. It is an essential component of the Abbara program and is delivered by experts to program beneficiaries in two courses.
Technical assistance – is catered to the program beneficiaries based on a previous needs assessment with each beneficiary. Technical assistance covers the traditional areas strategy development, cultural programming, financial management, audience building, and communications and networking, and may include other areas identified during the initial needs assessment.
Networking – being part of the Abbara program offers opportunities for knowledge exchange and cooperation among the growing network of past and current program members/beneficiaries.

Eligibility criteria

  • The cultural initiative/organization must be an independent (non-governmental), not-for profit entity that is clearly active in the cultural and artistic sphere
  • The vision and scope of work must mainly focus on the local cultural sector in anyone of the countries of the Arab region
  • The cultural initiative/organization must demonstrate a decisive willingness to develop a solid infrastructure, enhancing its administrative organization, and ensuring its legal status
  • The cultural initiative/organization must have a clear vision on the role it plays in its community/society as a driver of democratic, socio-political change
  • The cultural initiative/organization should have a vivid cultural/artistic vision that distinguishes it from other cultural actors
  • The cultural initiative/organization should be functioning and with some practical experience
  • The cultural initiative/organization should be legally registered, or in the process of registering, or at least have the intention of registering in the near future to be able to be part of the Abbara program
  • The cultural initiative/organization should not have previously received a grant through this program

Selection criteria
Priority is given to applicants

  • whose mission and actual work focus on areas other than main cities, and on benefitting socially and economically marginalized communities
  • who have a clear vision of themselves as effective drivers of change within their respective community/ society
  • who play a strong role, or have a strong potential for driving change at the socio-political level

Application Form
Deadline for applications: 15 August 2016, 24:00 Beirut time.

Culture Resource encourages all applicants to carefully read the application guidelines. Applications can only be submitted in Arabic. Other languages are not accepted.
For questions, and if applicants face any problems using the application form, please contact Culture Resource at:


The program is implemented by Culture Resource with the kind support of Doen Foundation (The Netherlands), Mimeta (Norway), Ford Foundation, and Open Society Foundations.


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