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Culture Resource Returns From First Outreach Trip in Morocco

Culture Resource Returns From First Outreach Trip in Morocco

Culture Resource completed its first outreach trip to Morocco in November 2016. With the aim of increasing awareness about Culture Resource’s programs and expanding the organization’s network of artists, cultural managers and cultural institutions, the Communications team visited the cities of Rabat, Tangier, Meknes and Casablanca. In each city, the Culture Resource team met with local cultural players, spaces and artists, and conducted public info sessions.

The outreach trip began in Rabat with Culture Resource’s participation in the third Visa for Music Festival, which was held between 16-19 November 2016. During the music festival, Culture Resource participated in three key activities. In collaboration with Visa for Music, Culture Resource organized a panel discussion on the independent music scene in the Arab region, which featured cultural managers and festival organizers from various Arab speaking countries. The panel discussed the obstacles and solutions in taking Arab music globally. The second event was organized in collaboration with Egypt’s Genaina Theatre, and highlighted the funding opportunities, performance opportunities and services available to artists and cultural managers in the Arab region. And, lastly, Culture Resource also participated in speed meetings, allowing for artists and cultural managers both already working in the Arab region or interested working in the Arab region an opportunity to discuss with Culture Resource staff the opportunities available to them.

From Rabat, Culture Resource staff traveled to Tangier to visit with various cultural centers and meet with local artists and cultural players. Visits included Cinémathèque de Tanger and the Ahmed Boukmakh Center. An info session was held at the Maison de la Presse.

Meknes was the third city of the outreach trip and an info session was held at the Mohamed Menoui Center. Over 70 participants, including both artists and cultural managers, from various centers and neighboring towns, including Fes, attended the session.

The last stop was in Casablanca where Culture Resource staff visited the famed Boultek and discussed with staff there the local music and arts scene in Casablanca and Morocco. With an invitation from L’uzine, Culture Resource also held an info session which highlighted the opportunities and services available to local artists and cultural managers. The session at L’uzine was also an opportunity for Cultural Resource staff to find out more about the cultural scene in Casablanca, including the opportunities and obstacles facing local artists, cultural players and cultural organizations.

It is with the help of many organizations and cultural managers that Culture Resource conducted a
successful outreach trip in Morocco.

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