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Final results of the 5th round of Abbara

Final results of the 5th round of Abbara

Culture Resource is pleased to announce the names of the 10 final recipients of the 5th round of Abbara program 2017-2018:

The Theatrical Mobile Workshop (Sudan): The group involved in this project hopes to rehabilitate university and youth theatre by linking theatre with questions of development and the rights of the least privileged segments of society, such as women. It also seeks to engage with other theatrical experiments especially in the regional environment.

Ma3azef (Egypt): An online magazine focused on Arab music and world music that seeks to offer music lovers in the Arab world high-quality critical and analytic material written by individuals with a passionate and profound musical appreciation.

Khashabi Theater (Palestine): This project seeks to create an independent forum, independent of Israeli government institutions, so as to generate an artistically, intellectually and politically free space. It also hopes to strengthen the channels of communication between art and society.

Filmlab (Palestine): A non-profit company, Filmlab seeks to enable Palestinian youths to relate their own stories and document their collective memories through cinema.

Collectif Kahraba (Lebanon): A group of artists and technicians from diverse nationalities and backgrounds came together to create this organisation in order to create and present multimedia works that combine puppetry, visual arts, dance, street art and theatre.

Syria Mobile Films Festival (Syria): This festival seeks to create a unique platform to encourage both professional and amateur filmmakers to produce creative, low-budget works by using mobile phone cameras. As it also offers film screenings, it provides a unique opportunity for the training and empowerment of young filmmakers.

Nawras (Syria): A group consisting of artists living in Berlin whose aim is to support Syrian artists who are refugees in Germany and help them adapt to their new lives.

ANYA (Morocco): The aim of this organisation is to support and promote musicians in Morocco, Africa and the Middle East. It organizes the annual Music Without Visa festival, the first professional forum for music professional in this region, and also seeks to organise performance tours.

L’Atelier de l’Observatoire (Morocco): An organisation that designs, produces and disseminates art and research projects, l’Observatoire has become a base for the dissemination of contemporary creativity in Morocco and the world.

Teranim Arts Populaire (Mauritania): This non-governmental organization seeks to create the groundwork for the development of culture, the arts and the creative industries, and to enable individuals and groups to participate effectively in cultural life. It also seeks to serve as a professional platform for the dissemination and exchange of ideas, and as a laboratory for practices relevant to the the ongoing evolution of the relationship between culture and sustainable human development.


Abbara 5 – Committee:
Hanane Hajj Ali (Lebanon), actress, director and cultural activist
Awad Hamazani (Saudi Arabia), Film Director
Reem Gibriel (Lybia), artist and cultural activist
Mourad Kadiri (Morocco), academic and poet
Therese Badie (Egypt), cultural manager and activist


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