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Tajwaal Results – 2nd Round 2016

Tajwaal Results – 2nd Round 2016

Culture Resource is pleased to announce the names of applicants who have received a travel grant at the second round of the “Tajwaal” program. Tajwaal was launched in April 2016 and is a direct translation of Culture Resource’s vision in support of the dissemination of the regional culture and arts globally.


  1. Abdullah Alkafri (Syria), a writer, cultural programmer, and the executive director of the organization Ettijahat. Independent Culture: Received a grant to support his travel from Lebanon to the United States of America to participate in ‘The Chief Executive Program’, an annual study program to 50 of the leaders of the world’s most important cultural organizations. It intends to develop leadership skills in the cultural organizations worldwide.
  1. Ossama Halal/ Koon Theatre Group (Syria), founded in 2002 and comprises multi-identities, technical skills, and artistic backgrounds: The group obtained a grant to support their from Lebanon, France, Turkey, and Dubai to Germany to present the theatrical dance play ‘Above Zero’ at the opening of the Arab Theater Festival in Hanover, in addition to proffering a workshop in theater arts within the festival framework; and then a travel to France to present the play ‘Above Zero’ as part of the events of Essonne Dance Festival.
  1. Jad Hakawati/ Minwal Theatre Company (Lebanon), founded to promote theatre and cultural activity and research the recovery of human’s right in free thinking: The group received a grant to support their travel from Lebanon to Uganda to present their theatrical play ‘Barzakh’ within the activities of the international Kampala Theatre Festival.
  1. AlKamandjati Group (Palestine), 4 Palestinian musicians who play oriental, spiritual and improvisational music and music from Palestinian heritage: The group obtained a grant to support their travel from Palestine to France for an artistic cooperation between them and the French artist Titi Robin in order to produce 15 music tracks and present a musical show.
  1. Haya Aboud/ Mozayek band (Syria), founded in 2012 and performs eastern and western music with new distribution, in addition to the music composition of the members of the band: The band received a grant to travel from Lebanon to Romania to give a musical performance within the framework of the 47th edition of Sibiu Jazz Festival.
  1. Marwan Shahin (Egypt), a digital artist and painter and a graphic designer: Received a grant to travel from Egypt to the United States in order to cooperate with the Londubh Studio for the production of five paintings.
  1. Ahmed El Attar/Temple Theater Company (Egypt), founded in 1993: The group received a grant to support their travel from Egypt to China, to present their play ‘The Last Supper’ as the first Arabic Egyptian show to participate in the Hong Kong Arts Festival.
  1. Lamis Haggag (Egypt), visual artist: Received a travel grant from Egypt to Germany to attend a residency at ZK/U organization to do a research on means of production that will allow the audience to interact more with artworks.
  1. Shatha Al Ghabri (Yemen), videographer, photographer, editor and a member of Yemen Identity Organization: Received a grant to travel from Malaysia to the US to attend the screening of her short movie in the framework of the Children’s Film Festival in Seattle.
  1. Samar Ezzat (Egypt), Modern Dance Teacher: Received a grant to travel from Egypt to Ireland to participate as a trainee in a workshop about circus aerobics techniques.

Jury members:
Abderrahmane Salem, Filmmaker and cultural activist (Mauritania)
Reem Gibriel, Visual artist and cultural manager (Libya)
Huda Shawwa, Writer and cultural activist (Kuwait)

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