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Programmes et activités

Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy) supports Arab artists and cultural organizations and the growth of the independent cultural sector generally through a range of diverse services and programs:

  • Regranting support: Culture Resource supports young Arab artists of all genres  in creating and sharing their work through the Production Awards program and provides travel and touring support through the Mawaeed program
  • Cultural Management Training: This program provides training and professional development to the next generation of cultural managers in the Arab region through annual Cultural Management Training  Workshops and Publications
  • Capacity Building: the Abbara program is a comprehensive two-year regional initiative to build capacity in the
    independent cultural sector during the transitional period by offering multiple forms of support to selected organizations.
  • Imkan: A new cultural leadership training program for young cultural leaders from the Arab region. This program aims to support and strengthen the skills of Arab cultural operators to be able to play a prominent role in the current political and social transitional phase in the Arab region.
  • Cultural Policy Program: Culture Resource seeks to improve the conditions for cultural expression and strengthen the infrastructure for cultural development in the Arab region through its Cultural Policy Research program
  • Independent culture for Democracy: Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy) organized the Independent Culture for Democracy Conference with the aim to reinforce the role of independent culture sector in the phases of democratic transformation in the Arab region and to discuss the legal and political situation of the independent culture sector in different Arab countries, and how to overcome obstacles resulting from these situations.
  • The Darb Al Ahmar Arts School is a project for educating children and youth between the ages of 6-18 in Cairo’s Darb Al-Ahmar district in percussion, circus arts, and brass instruments, to create a new generation of young performers
  • El Genaina Theater in Cairo’s Al-Azhar Park is one of Cairo’s most popular independent venues, attracting diverse audiences of all ages and backgrounds by presenting a range of performing artists from Egypt and around the world.
  • Festivals: Culture Resource supports cultural exchange and inspiration with two biannual festivals that bring artists from around the world, the CirCairo festival of contemporary circus arts and the Spring Festival, which features the best international performing artists

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