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Action for Hope

Call for volunteers

Action for Hope is an initiative that aims to support and empower distressed communities suffering from war, displacement, violent political turmoil, or difficult living conditions, through providing them with tools for expression, learning, healing, creativity and communication. The initiative seeks to provide a comprehensive package of services and activities that address the material, moral and emotional needs of these communities in order to help them re-constitute their lives and regain their ability to function socially.

The two priority countries in 2013 are Syria and Egypt; In spite of the different political context in both countries, they have prioritized in response to the undergoing turbulent political and social changes. The first phase of the initiatives will be launched in Egypt, in the densely populated, known as “informal” housing areas around the major urban centers such as Cairo and Alexandria, and in the many isolated villages and small towns across the country. The second phase of the initiative will be launched in Syrian refugee camps and inside Syria.


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