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Imkan: A new cultural leadership training program for young cultural leaders from the Arab region

This program aims to support and strengthen the skills of Arab cultural operators to be able to play a prominent role in the current political and social transitional phase in the Arab region. The program aims to create opportunity for dialogue among the cultural operators working in the Arab region, especially the young operators and to provide them with different sources of knowledge that could help them execute their work.

Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy) announces the participants in Imkan, the first training forum for young cultural leaders in the Arab region, which took place from 11 to 17 March, 2013 in Cairo, Egypt. 
  • Palestine: Tarik Hamdan, Amal Kaawash, Fidaa Abu Mariam, and Mourad Ayyach.
  • Egypt: Mahdy Youssef, Mostafa Ragab, Ahmed Yehia, Fairouz Karawya, and Mohamed Keram.
  • Libya: Ahmed El Bokhary.
  • Syria: Chavia Ali, Sami Rustom, and Mudar Al Haggi .
  • Lebanon: Nada Ghosn and Mariam Hammoud.
  • Algeria: Nesroun Bouhil .
  • Tunisia: Mohamed Naaman Jemaa, Seif Eddine Glassi, and Aida Dali.
  • Morocco: Mohamed Siraj, Karim Khalifi, and Omar Id Tnaine.
  • Mauritania: Mohamed Idoumou.

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