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Cultural Management Training Program

Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy) is determined to play an active role in strengthening the field of cultural management in the Arab region, and has designed its Cultural Management program to foster professional development and build training capacity within the region, in order to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to young professionals entering the field who hold key leadership positions at independent cultural spaces in the Arab region. The Cultural Management program consists of professional development workshops and publications, and seeks to ensure the development of a new generation of well-trained, capable arts and culture professionals, a key element in the growth and sustainability of independent theaters, galleries, institutes, and other cultural spaces in the Arab region. On a local and regional level, efforts such as the Cultural Management program will contribute to the long-term sustainability and infrastructure of the independent cultural sector in the Arab world, a critical factor in the development of a healthy civil society and of the next generation of Arab artists and creators in all genres. On an international level, raising the professional level in the field will lead to increased visibility of Arab cultural producers and presenters in the international cultural arena, which will lead to the cultural exchange, mutual understanding, and greater parity in global North-South relations.

Cultural Management Workshops:

The Cultural Management Training (CMT) program was launched in 2005 with a regional ‘training of trainers’ program, a series of 3 5-day workshops that concluded successfully with the graduation of 12 trainers from different Arab countries. The workshops included topics such as cultural policies, cultural infrastructure, management of cultural organizations and groups, cultural tourism and production management. Since that time, Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy) has organized and implemented seven CMT workshops in different Arab cities including Algiers, Marrakesh, Amman, Damascus and Alexandria. The training is conducted in Arabic, with each workshop benefiting between 16-20 young professionals from countries throughout the Arab region, and focuses on building skills in key areas such as management, planning, marketing, and fundraising, among others, taught in an interactive, hands-on style. The need for such a training program is highlighted by the number of applications received for the program, which has grown each year.

Cultural Management Publications:

As part of Culture Resource’s efforts for building knowledge and developing human capacity in cultural management, Culture Resource started in 2006 a series of publications in cultural management in Arabic.

Cultural Management Training Manual

"Cultural Management Training Manual" , first edition -2012, by Hanane Hajj Ali and Ashraf Maher. The Cultural Management Training Manual is published with the support of Doen Foundation, Ford Foundation, and the British Council. The book serves as a training and capacity building guide to cultural trainers who work with beginner cultural operators. The Manual covers topics as: cultural policies in the Arab region, the relationship between culture and society, culture and development, and management methods in artistic and cultural institutions. Read More »

Marketing Culture and the Arts

By Francios Colbert, and translated by Mohamed Abdel Naby. This book was written for managers of cultural enterprises, large and small, non-profit and commercial, local and international. The manager in the cultural milieu who is interested in marketing will find in Marketing Culture and the Arts a framework for analysis and reflection that may shed new light on current practices and also provide a point of reference for future plans. Marketing Culture and the Arts will certainly interest all those who want to understand the specifics of marketing within the cultural context. First edition 2010 Read More »

Art Management Entrepreneurial Style

Art Management Entrepreneurial Style

By Giep Hagoort, and translated by Rabie Wahba. In this book, Giep Hagoort draws on more than fifteen years experience at the Utrecht School of the Arts to help students, teachers, artists, and managers apply management theory to the creation of successful cultural institutions. Utilizing case histories and practical exercises, this book teaches skills for building effective institutions of cultural production and preservation. First edition 2009 Read More »

Guide to Cultural Management

First edition 2006, in collaboration with Sharkiat Publishing House in Cairo, Guide to Cultural managment was authored by Marina Barham (Palestine), Makhlouf Boukrouh (Algeria), Hanane Hajjali (Lebanon) and Basma El Husseiny (Egypt). The Guide to Cultural Management covers topics such as: the position of culture, policies and legislation; management of cultural organizations, production and event management; and management of networks and collaborative projects. It also includes a recommended five day course for beginning and early career cultural managers and a list of Arab trainers. The Guide was distributed to over 100 cultural organizations in the region and the second edition was published in the beginning of 2009. Read More »

Arts Management in Turbulent Time

Arts Managment in Turbulent Times

By Milena Dragićević Šesić and Sanjin Dragojević, and translated by PhD. Nihad Salem. First edition 2007 The book tackles arts management under tempestuous social, economic and political conditions and in times of crises. The book mainly adopts the authors' vast expertise gathered through years of training in arts management, especially in the Central and Eastern Europe regions. This book is intended for professionals in this field, and those who are responsible for the management of arts in public, independent and private cultural sectors. Read More »

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