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Alexandria 6 July 2011

Cultural Management workshop – Alexandria 2011

Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy) held the seventh Cultural Management training workshop from July 6 to 14, 2011 in Alexandria, Egypt. The 2011workshop was produced by Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy) in cooperation with the European Cultural Foundation and the British Council, and Doen Foundation.

Cultural Management workshop - Alexandria 2011

Cultural Management workshop – Alexandria 2011

137 applications from 11 different countries in the Arab region were received during the application process.  Of these, 17 applicants were selected from 9 countries: Egypt, Algeria, Mauritania, Jordan, Morocco, Syria, Palestine, Yemen and Oman. The workshop trainers were Hanan Hajj Ali of Lebanon, and Basma Al Husseiny and Ashraf Maher of Egypt, along with guest trainer Sarah Boiling of the United Kingdom, who focused on audience building and marketing in her lectures. Unfortunately one trainer, Marina Braham, and 3 participants selected from Palestine, were unable to get visas and were unable to participate in the workshop.

The workshop sessions covered topics such as cultural policies, cultural infrastructure, management of cultural organizations and groups, cultural tourism, audience building, marketing, and production management.  At the end of the workshop, participants presented the result of the 4 projects that they had worked on and developed during the workshop.

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