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First Abbara Training workshop 2017

First Abbara Training workshop 2017

The Culture Resource Foundation held the first training workshop in the framework of the fifth round of its Abbara programme.

This round is unique in that application was open to independent cultural organisations from all Arab countries, whereas in the past it had been restricted to the “Arab Spring” countries: Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Yemen. More than 250 independent cultural and artistic organisations from across the Arab applied for this round, of which 17 were selected. The selected organisations are from Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia and Mauritania.

The finalists were invited to attend the first Abbara training workshop for this round. Eventually, however, two workshops were held in succession, the first on 16-21 April 2017 in Amman and the second on 25-30 April 2017 in Beirut, due to the complexities involved in obtaining visas for all the participants in the first workshop.

Now that the Amman and Beirut workshops have ended, there will be a reevaluation process with the purpose of selecting 10 to 12 organisations that will benefit from this Abbara round which extends into 2018. The Abbara programme seeks to support and enable independent cultural organisations to play a sustainable and dynamic role in the dissemination of the values of freedom of expression, the appreciation of artistic creativity, critical thought and the acceptance of difference, in addition to the performance of their primary role as providers of cultural and artistic services to broad sectors of society.

To view the profile of the organizations that participated in Amman and Beirut workshops, please click here.

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