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Master Of Cultural Policy and Cultural Management

Master Of Cultural Policy and Cultural Management

Culture Resource is pleased to announce the results for the first class for the recently established MA in Cultural Policy and Management. Culture Resource received 52 applications for the Master’s program, including from Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, Yemen, Tunisia, Syria, Palestine, Libya and Egypt. The judging panel consisted of two teams, one from Culture Resource and the other from Hassan II University, who chose ten students from seven different Arab countries to join the program and receive a partial scholarship offered by Culture Resource for students not residing in Morocco.

The successful applicants are:

  1. Akram Al Youssef – Syria
  2. Ayman Helmy – Egypt
  3. Zeyad Abd Al Raouf Hamouda Seyala – Libya
  4. Sabreen Abd El Rahman Mohamed Al Gerinawi – Palestine
  5. Ali Hamdeed Mageed Al Makhzoumi – Iraq
  6. Victoria Dabdub – Palestine
  7. Mohamed Abdullah Al Goury – Yemen
  8. Manal Khaled Abd Al Reheem Samara – Palestine
  9. Nors Al Roweissi – Tunisia
  10. Yehia Hassan Mohamed Hassan – Egypt

In addition to these ten applicants five other students from Morocco will join the MA program and will be chosen before universities commence the new academic year.

The MA Program in Culture Policy and Management is the first of its kind in the Arab region and will be conducted in both Arabic and English. The MA will be hosted by The Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Ben M’sik, Casablanca in Hassan II University, Morocco. This program was established by Culture Resource in partnership with Hassan II University and the University of Hildesheim, Germany, and its UNESCO Chair in Culture Policy and Management for Arts and Development. The program is supported by Ford Foundation and the British Council.

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