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Culture Resource announces the awardees of the Egypt Spaces Initiative, a grant announced in March with an application deadline of June 28th. The aims of the initiative are serve artists, cultural professionals, the independent cultural sector, and potential audiences and communities for their work, through funding the establishment of new cultural spaces in Egypt. The aim of this program is to increase the number and diversity of spaces in Egypt, to enrich the cultural life in Egypt, and to provide space for underrepresented forms of cultural expression. A jury of experts selected the following 7 projects to receive support, from among 31 applications received:

From Alexandria:

Gudran Association for Art and Development, for their cultural space” El Cabina”, a space for contemporary art practices and to support arts production and the young contemporary artists, through the provision of training and other learning opportunities.

Teatro Alexandria Foundation, a newly opened cultural space that offers a range of cultural activities to the audiences in Alexandria.

El Madina Association for Digital and Performing Arts for the project “El Madina Studio”, a specialized studio dedicated to capacity building for actors and theatrical training in Alexandria.

From Cairo:

100COPIES Music, to establish a venue where musicians from Egypt and beyond can rehearse, perform, record, network and interact with local audiences.

Artellewa Foundation for Contemporary Arts, to support and develop their cultural space in “Ard El Lewa” neighbourhood to expand the space from an individual project for its founder to a full-fledged arts center, and for the establishment of a Super 8 and 16mm film lab, and administrative offices.

The Young Independent Artists Foundation for Support and Development, for the project “Taqet Noor”, a cultural centre in the Abu Qatada neighbourhood that aims to deliver arts and the culture in one of Cairo’s culturally and artistically disadvantaged areas that doesn’t have access to cultural spaces, as well as to reach children and the young people.

Egyptian Society for Folk Traditions, to equip the “Shadow and Aragoz” Center, which trains artists in the field of making and animating puppets, and how to write and direct this kind of performance.

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