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The Remix workshop and tour is designed as a creative encounter between young musicians and master musicians and composers of different cultural and musical backgrounds.  Remix provides a rare opportunity for participants and trainers alike to explore new musical territories within and beyond specific musical traditions, to experiment with forms of composition and improvisation, and for cultural exchange and mutual inspiration. The project also aims to create a wider audience in the region for alternative music styles that venture outside established paths, through the creation and presentation of new works at concerts in multiple Arab cities.

Remix Aisa was organized by Culture Resource in cooperation with the Aga Khan Trust for Culture and the High Music Institute in Damascus in October 2009. Thirteen musicians from the Arab countries and four from central Asia took part in the workshop under the supervision of Khaled Mohammed Ali (Iraq), Charbel Rouhana (Lebanon) and Alim Qasimov (Azerbaijan).

The workshop was concluded with a performance tour of the work of the artists in Cairo, Damascus and Aleppo as well as a one day workshop for the students of the High Music Institute in Damascus led by Alim Qasimov and Khaled Mohammed Ali.

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