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Safha Jadida

A creative writing workshop which includes discussions with experienced writers, critics and publishers. It was open to practitioners of all forms of creative writing including novelists, poets, and short story writers.

Safha Jadida 2007:

The third literary workshop for young Arab writers Safha Jadida was held in Madaba, Jordan during the period from 9 to 15 July 2007 in collaboration with Azmenah Publishing House in Jordan. Sixteen young Arab writers from Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, Morocco and Yemen, met for a week of workshops, discussions, and reading. The Jordanian novelist Samiha Khres and the Jordanian publisher Elias Farkouh were invited as guest speakers. The workshop was supervised by the Libyan/American poet Khaled Mettawe and the Egyptian writer Sahar El-Mougy. It concluded with public readings of the participants’ works in Amman in Beit Taiki and in Remal Gallery.  A book featuring selected texts by some of the participants and documenting some of the discussions at the meeting has been published by Azmenah Publishing House.


Safha Jadida 2008:


The fourth literally workshop Safha Jadida, was held by Culture Resource (AL Mawred Al Thaqafy) in cooperation with Shams Association from 29 July to 2 August 2008 in the village Doma in Lebanon. Twelve young writers from Sudan, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Jordon, Palestine and Syria took part.

The workshop was led by writer Sahar El Mougy and literary critic Mohamed Badawy from Egypt and by publisher Elias Farkouh from Jordan. The participants met the Lebanese author Rashid Al Daaif and read their works on 2 August in the café Taa Marbota in Beirut.


Three publishing awards were offered at the workshop and they were wom by:

  • Mohamad kamal (Egypt), Horror Film, Short Stories
  • Sanaa Shadal (Morocco), Thelal Abera, or Nahr Al Farashat, Short Stories.

Rania Maamoun (Sudan), Thirteen months of Sunrise , Short Stories.

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