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“300 Miles” wins prize at Doclisboa

300 Miles, by the Syrian film director Orwa Al Moktad, was awarded the prize for “Best first full-length narrative film that conveys a new vision” in this year’s Doclisboa film festival. The film was produced with support from the Culture Resource Foundation through the foundation’s Production Grants program. 300 miles is the distance that separates the filmmaker, residing in northern ... Read More »

‘Sea of Stories’: From Production Awards to the Qalandiya International Festival

Palestinian artist, Hana Sleiman, is taking part in the third edition of the Qalandiya International Festival with Sea of Stories: Voyages of the Palestinian Archives, an exhibition produced with the support of the Culture Resource’s Production Awards program. The exhibition opened on 11 October at the Dar El-Nimer Center for Arts and Culture (in Clemenceau, Beirut). Sea of Stories reveals ... Read More »

Ali Chahrour at Festival d’Avignon

Lebanese choreographer, Ali Chahrour, will be staging two of his works at the 70th Festival d’Avignon from 16 to 23 July. His first piece, Fatmeh, which was produced with grant assistance from Culture Resource’s Production Awards program, will be performed from 16 to 18 July. The second work, Leila’s Death, will be performed from 21 to 23 July. Both shows will ... Read More »

Once Upon a Time Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow…

The Iranian-Egyptian artist Sabry Zekry presents his theater performance "Once Upon a Time Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" from 9 to 19 December 2013, in 5 different venues in Cairo and 1 in El Minya. Performed by Naglaa’ Younes and Abd El-Rahman Nasser, it is an Read More »

The Iranian Film

New Docu -Fiction by Yassine El Idrissi reaches the International Film Festival Rotterdam. This project received Al Mawred Al Thaqafy production grant in 2012. In this film Yassine tries to shoot an Iranian movie in Morocco. He takes a journey through his country to look for locations and a cast for his film. He records the creative process and Read More »

Those Shoes Were Made for Walking

A contemporary dance performance by Nancy Naous (Lebanon). This project received production grant from Culture Resource in 2011. Read More »


New album by the Lebanese musician Charbel Haber with 7 original tracks. This project received a production grant from Culture Resource in 2010. All tracks composed, arranged and performed by Malayeen trio that consisting of Lebanese musicians Raed Yassin, Charbel Haber and Khaled Yassine. The album is now available in stores and a special concert celebrating the album release will be held in Beirut soon. Read More »

Out to Daylight

Al Adham Publishing House in Cairo has released Out to Daylight, a new novel by young Egyptian author Najla Allam, which was received the 2011 exceptional Production Award from Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy). This novel is an attempt to understand the human journey.... Read More »

Son of the Sun

Ain Publishing House in Cairo has released Son of the Sun, a new novel by Sudanese author Rania Maamoun which was supported by Cultural Resource( Al mawred Al Thaqafy) and the Arab Fund for Art and Culture (AFAC). Son of the Sun is the third novel by Rania Maamoun, following Green Flash, published in 2006 and 13 Months of Sunshine published in 2009. The novel includes two parallel tales, the first one is about a shy young man who can only relate to human beings through their ears, while the second tale is about a homeless person open to life and unbound by anything but the rules of survival. These two narratives intersect when the two characters meet at the end of the novel. Read More »

Novel: “The President” by Mohamed Aladawy

The Egyptian Novelist Mohamed Al Adawy published his new novel "The president". The novel tracks the social and political changes in the Arab character through history, using the character of Avicenna as a device. This Novel was made possible through Culture Resource's Production Awards Program 2010. Read More »

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