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Production Awards Results of 2007

Culture Resource Announces the Results of the 2007 Production Awards Program for Young Arab Artists & Writers

On Friday the 28th of December 2007 Culture Resource held a reception at Villa Grey to announce the names of the winners of the 2007 Production Awards Program for Young Arab Artists & Writers. The Artistic Board of Culture Resource has decided to increase the awards of this year to 12 awards instead of 10 awards in previous years. This program aims to encourage and support a new generation of Arab artists and writers by means of funding their early projects.

This year, Culture Resource received over 130 applications from different Arab countries in various disciplines of arts and culture. The Artistic Board of Culture Resource put together five jury committees of well established artists, writers and academics from all over the Arab world to evaluate the applications and recommend awards. The jury committee in the field of literature included Alaa El Deeb (Egypt), Fadhil Al Azzawi (Iraq) and Qassim Haddad (Bahrain); In Film: Ateyat El Abnoudy (Egypt), Mohamed Makholouf (Libya), and Nidal ALdebss (Syria); In Visual Arts: Mai Abu Eldahab (Egypt) Mona Atassi (Syria) and Mahmoud Al Obaidi (Iraq); In Music: Andre Hajj (Lebanon), Azza Madyan (Egypt), and Fathy Salama (Egypt); and In the field of Theatre: Fadhel Jaibi (Tunisia) Jaouad Al Asadi (Iraq) and Menha EL Batrawy (Egypt).

According to the evaluation of the independent jury committees, the winners of the 2009 Production Awards program are:

Nizar Rohana – Palestine
Raed Yassine – Lebanon
Alshayma Hamed – Egypt
Ritta Badoura & Randa Mirza – Lebanon
Alfares Alzahaby – Syria
Charbel Al Feghaly – Lebanon
Ezeddine Darwish – Egypt
Meriam Bou Salmy – Tunisia
Shereef El Sayed – Egypt
Maggie Morgan – Egypt
Oraib Toukan – Jordon
Hala Abou Shady – Egypt

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