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Production Awards Results of 2010

2010 Production awards winners projects descriptions:


Mohamed Aladawy-Egyptian
Project: “The President” novel
A novel which tracks the social and political changes in the Arab character through history, using the character of Avicenna as a device.

Donia Maher- Egyptian
Project: ” In Bab el Louk” book
A book i which explores the experience of living in Cairo with all its contradictions, taking Bab el Louk as an example and which includes text, photography and illustrations.

Samia Ayyash – Palestine
Project:”Wajbet Damm” novel
A novel on the relationship between a woman, her body, her soul and her society, and the contradictions, paradoxes and ironies involved.


Marwa Zein Al Abdin Fadl-Sudan
Project: “A Lake the Size of a Papaya”
A short film based on the short story “A Lake the Size of a Papaya” by Sudanese writer Estella Gaytanou, who worked with the screenwriter on a script that brings to life southern Sudan through the story of a young girl and her grandmother. The film examines the meaning of family, memory, love, and the enduring scars of imperialism that continue to affect the people of south Sudan.

Mohammad Shawky-Egypt
Project: Compos Mentis
A hour-long documentary that addresses the concepts of sanity and insanity through a theater project that will include patients from Al Abbaseya psychiatric hospital as well as actors and amateurs from outside the hospital.

Mohanad Yaqubi-Palestine
A short fiction film called “La Mafar” that tackles the state of waiting and the absurdity of war that affects the daily lives of people over two generations that share the experience of running away through the tunnels of Gaza in two wars (1967 and 2009).


Percussion show- Egypt
A performance project that includes a visual component and dance in addition to a percussion show.

Sabine Choucair-Lebanon
Project: “Men Bab le Bab …Kheyar w Solfat”
A live storytelling project that consists of travelling to different villages gathering stories from people from different age groups and different backgrounds whose stories are not necessarily about war but all took place during the time of war , and which will result in a live multi-disciplinary performance.

Rita Khawand-Lebanon
Project: Full moon play
A play inspired by personal experience that talks about a woman that suffers from anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Visual arts:

Mohammed Jamal Abusal-Palestine
Project: Metro in Gaza
A contemporary multi-media work that introduces a temporary visual solution to the transportation network problems in Gaza.

Shayma Kamel- Egypt
Project: Transparent Black
Video art that presents a critical artistic vision about the mental struggle that the Egyptian woman goes through in searching for the impossible solutions to how society criticizes her body.

Muzfar Salman-Syria
Project: My fingers only point at butterflies
A book of photographs that will shows the positive emotional power of the Arab people’s lives and their relationships with their surroundings.


Moslem Rahal- Syria
Project: “Nawa” album
An album to include nine tracks that shed the spotlight on the nay (reed flute) instrument.

Charbel Haber -Lebanon
An album to include pieces adapted and rearranged from music originally composed for belly dancing music.

Basel Rajoub -Syria
An album to present a mixture of jazz and oriental music and to highlight the saxophone, which is rarely used in the Arab world.

The 2010 jury committees:

Literature: Alia Mamdouh (Iraq), Khaled Mattawa (Libya) and Zuleikha Abu-Risha (Jordan).

Video: Nidal Al-Debss (Syria), Essam Zakaria (Egypt) and Hala Al Abdallah (Syria).

Music: Fathy Salama (Egypt), Kinan Azmeh (Syria) and Zad Moultaka (Lebanon).

Theatre: Menha El Batrawy (Egypt), Oussama Ghanam (Syria) and Nizar Al Zoby (Palestine)

Visual arts: Bassam El Barouni (Egypt), Khaled Hourani (Palestine) and Saleh Barakat (Lebanon).

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