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Production Awards Results of 2012 – First Round

The results of Production Awards Program – First Round 2012 :


– Samah El Skekh (Palestine)
Project: “E’raf ” Novel
A novel sets in two parallel worlds, the real world of an actress looking for the truth and belief in her capabilities, and an imaginary world telling a new creation story from a feminist point of view, where the goddess E’raf is the creator of the world.

Visual arts:

– Mohamed Abdel Karim (Egypt)
Project: Parallel Applications
A book featuring interviews and professional practices of 25 Egyptian artists and writers, in order to find definitions of culture industry in the visual field.

– Seba Abdullah Soliman Innab (Jordan)
Project: How to Build Without Land?
A work that includes series of paintings and lectures related to the concepts of construction and demolition and their relationship to the land. It reflects Innab’s experience working at the reconstruction of Nahr El Bared refugee camp in Lebanon.


– Yassine El Idrissi ( Morocco)
Project: The Iranian Film
A docufiction film investigates the relation between creativity and the Moroccan society by creating situations where “normal” people can react. The film will be made according to the ‘rules’ of the Iranian cinema.

– Amer Shomali (Palestine)
Project: Small Bells
A short film documenting 6 minutes of the life of a child from Haifa in 1957, and evokes characters from Ghasan Kanafani’s novel Return to Haifa.

– Nada Zatouna (Egypt)
Project: Kendkah
A journey of the self undertaken by a young girl from upper Egypt who tries to revive the memory of her grandmother by spending a time with 2 Nubian women, illuminating the history and lifestyle of the southern community, and the tragedy of the Nubian who were forcefully displaced.


– Saeed Meerkhan (Syria)
Project: An album to include seven songs that shed the spotlight on the status of women and her right to choose her partner, in addition to a song inspired by the suffering of the Arab People, their struggles and hopes in the past two years during the revolutions, especially in Syria.

– Shady Ali / Gene ( Syria)
Project: who I am?
The second album of Gene band. The album will include 9 songs aiming at bringing the voices of Syrian and Arab youth to the rest of the world by expressing their concerns, differences, and ambitions in a modern linguistic and musical style.


– Wael Kaddour (Syria)
Project: The small Rooms
A play revolves around 4 characters of pre-revolutionary Syria .Through their individual quest for salvation, the four characters drowned completely in fear and pain, and love.

– Mohamed Osama Halal (Syria)
Project: Cellophane
A dance performance based on exercises, and personal questions which provoke the performers to explore the masks that imposed by the authority of society, family and self.

The 2012 jury committees:

Literature: Ali Badr (Iraq), Bashir Mufti (Algeria) and Sahar El Mougy (Egypt)
Video: Mohamed Al Daradji (Iraq), Nidal Al Debs (Syria) and Najwa El Najjar (Palestine).
Music: Kinan Azmeh (Syria), Jaser Hajj Yousef (Tunisia) and Toufic Farroukh (Lebanon).
Theatre: Hanan Hajj Ali (Lebanon), Latifa Ahrar (Morocco), and Karima Mansour (Egypt).
Visual arts: Khaled Hourani (Palestine), Maha Maamoun (Egypt), and Fadi Yazji (Syria).

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