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Results of 2014 Program – 2nd round

Results of 2014 Program – 2nd round

Ten Artist and Authors from Five Arab Countries Receive Culture Resource Production Awards

Grants for Literature, Visual Arts, Theater, Music and Cinema

Culture Resource announced the projects receiving the production award for the December 2014 round. After the call for application of that round, 130 applications were received,and the jury committee selected ten projects support this round. With the conclusion of this round, the Culture Resource has to date supported projects by 177 young Arab artists since the grant launched in 2004.

In literature, the winners were: Rania Mamoun from Sudan for the novel Azeeb, Soukaina Habiballah from Morocco for the project Lemaza Ala Zubida An Tantaher (Why Must Zubida Suicide?). This project is a novel about the suicide of a mother living in a small town in North Morocco. The winners for the literature award were selected by the jury of Syrian author Khaled Khalifa, Moroccan poet Yassin Adnan, and Algerian novelist Bachir Mefti.

The jury entrusted with selecting winners from the field of visual arts was Palestinian visual artist Larissa Sansour, Syrian visual artist Tammam Azzam, and Egyptian painter Hany Rashed. The winners selected were Raafat Majzoub for the art installation Alo, Shayfni? (Hello, can you see me?) and Aly Rafei for the Graffiti project Nedob (Scars). Both winners are Lebanese.

Grantees in the theater category were thePalestinianSamar Haddad King for the dance performance Jamalyiat Gher Thabeta (Unstable Aesthetics) and the Syrian Sari Mustafa for the project Helm Montasaf Akher Laylet Saif (Last Summer Day’s Midnight Dream). The project tells the true stories of the dreams of a group of Syrian friends. The jury committee was Egyptian choreographer Karima Mansour, Syrian artist Amal Omran and Lebanese director Issam Bou Khaled.

Egyptian musician Fathy Salama, Lebanese composer Zad Moultakaand Syrian musician Fawaz Baker were the jury committee selecting musicians for the award. They decided the winners as follows: Wael Alkakfrom Syria for the musical project Nashamy 2 and Micheal Rohana from Palestine for producing an album for the duo of oud-playing brothers Micheal and Nizar Rouhana.

In cinema, Randa Nur Eldeen Maddah from Syria was selected for her video art Hodod Ala Etlala (Borders with a View), which is a will be filmed between Damascusand Golan. Also, Mohamad Yaser Kassab from Syria won for his project Akh (Brother); a documentary about the journey of a young Syrian man from to Lebanon to find a way to travel to Europe. The selection committee included Palestinian director Rashid Masharawi, Iraqi director Mohamed Al-Daradjiand Syrian director and producer Orwa Nyrabia.

The Production Award program aims at encouraging and supporting a new generation of Arab Artists and authors through funding their early projects and assisting them in producing and promoting their creative work. The call for application for the upcoming round of production awards starts in March 2015.

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