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Results of Mawa3eed, 3rd Round 2017

Results of Mawa3eed, 3rd Round 2017

25 October 2017

Culture Resource is pleased to announce the grantees of the 3rd round of Mawa3eed for the year 2017. The Mawa3eed grant mirrors Culture Resource’s vision of supporting cultural and artistic exchange between all Arab countries.

The grantees are:

Ettijahat– Independent Culture (Syria): The organisation will invite Syrian artists and artistic programmers from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Qatar, Egypt, Greece and Syria to Lebanon in order to take part in “MINA: Artistic Ports and Passages,” an event that aims to celebrate the work of Syrian artists in Syria and elsewhere.

Ghassan Sahhab, musician and musicologist (Lebanon): The grant supports his travel from Lebanon to Tunisia to attend the Congrès International de Tunis where he will meet with fellow musicologists and present a paper on Mashriqi maqam music.

Felucca Films (Egypt): The independent film company will invite the Tunisian film researcher and lecturer, and cinema festival programmer Azza Chaabouni to Egypt to edit the short narrative film, The Trap, directed by Nada Riyadh and produced by Felucca Films.

Ayman Boujlida, musician (Tunisia): Ayman Boujlida and the band will travel from New York to Tunisia to take part in the World Music Forum, an international multi-genre music event that takes place every year in Sfax.

Sabry Zaki, hosts a daily programme on NRJ radio (Egypt): He will travel from Egypt to Morocco to take part in the Visa for Music Festival in order to interact personally with the diverse music projects and introduce them to the Egyptian audience.

Anfass Theatre for Culture and Art (Morocco): The grant will enable the Moroccan theatre troupe to travel from Morocco to Tunisia to present the play Mazbalat al-Huruf (Dustbin of Letters) in the Maghrebi Amateur Theatre Festival in Nabeul.

The jury included the Algerian poet, academic and cultural activist Habiba Laloui, the Mauritanian filmmaker and cultural activist Abderrahmane Lahy, and the Iraqi filmmaker Mohamed Al-Daradji.


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