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5 Winners from Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Tunisia


Culture Resource is pleased to announce the result of Sam3na competition for instrumental music, which has been announced on July 21 and ended on October 28, 2013. Sam3na succeeded in attracting a large number of Arab musicians and composers. A total of 30 applications were received. The selections carried out lead to a total of 23 eligible applications that have undergone objective evaluation by a jury committee consisted of five of the best young Arab musicians:
1-    Jasser Haj Ali – Tunisia
2-    Amr Salah – Egypt
3-    Kinan Azmeh –Syria
4-    Mustafa Said – Egypt
5-    Hani Siblini – Lebanon

A large number of audiences voted for their favorite contestant on the YouTube Channel and facebook. The total number of votes is 14022, and according to the total score of public voting and jury evaluation, the competition result is:

First Prize: shared equally between Anteka band (Egypt) and Yacoub Abu Ghosh (Jordan).
Second Prize: shared equally between Kinan Ednawi (Syria) and Oscar Nagdi (Egypt)
Third Prize: Mofadal Adhoum (Tunisia).

The selected winners will be premiered at a mini festival for instrumental music in El Genaina Theater, along with Sama3na competition judges and their bands.

Sama3na seeks to promote instrumental music by creating a larger fan-base for it and by supporting emerging instrumental musicians and discovering and supporting new talents. Sama3na opens an interactive discussion on instrumental music among social media users, who will also participate in the competition by voting for their favorite entries and hence choose the winning composition.

This Competition is supported by the Aga Khan Music Initiative, a program of Aga Khan Trust for Culture


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