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Tunisia Balad El Fann First Round

Participants in the first workshop are:

From Tunis:
Mohamed Ben Salama
Ahmed Alfarfishi
Mohamed Marwan Abouda
Ali Morabet
Sofyan Al Qasimi
Seham Al Arabi

From Ariana:
Ahmed Alhermsani
Samia Maroky
Taha Allail
AbdAlraziq AlGamaly

From Manouba:
Reem Mohaly
Salemah Alhaby
Amany Darwish
Zahra Saleh
Faisal AlOuiny
Aly Alziany

From Bizerte:
Anis Shoushan
Sami AlMashriqi
Zafer Ben Gharisa
Khaled ElEbeidy

First Round  of Tunis Balad-Elfann:Grants to 6 Winning Projects

Cultural Resource announced that grants will be awarded to 6 cultural projects from 4 different governorates in Tunisia “Tunis, Manouba, Ariana, Bizerte”, as a part of the first round of Tunis Balad Elfann project. Each of the selected projects will be eligible for a grant of up to 10.000 $ .

Winning projects are:

1-Heebo Accra Festival, Bizerte Governorate

The project is a fruit of a joint cooperation between Dhafer Ghresa, an independent cultural operator from Maganeen Errakh Association in Bizerte, and Khaled ElObeidi, an official cultural operator from the Local Commission of Culture in Bizerte. Heebo Accra is a multi-art project (theatre, music, fine arts & street art) which will be held in Bizerte in Mid-August, with the aim of mobilizing culture and tourism and, consequently, pushing forward with the economic development in the region.

2-Cultural Fabrica Bank project, Tunis Governorate

The project presented by Mohammed Salama, a cultural operator settling in Tunis, aims at supporting communication among all cultural action entities and pushing forward with the sectoral and regional decentralization as far as creativity is concerned. Thus, the project seeks the democratization of information across all the cultural field, regionally and sectorally. The main tool is a website that would serve as a basic reference for cultural information in Tunisia.

3- Khod we Hat Project- Manouba Governorate

The main objective of the project presented by Salma El-Hibi, a member of Masar Association for Culture and Development, is to promote the film culture in the least developed areas in Manouba state, through providing 240 participants with the basic skills of cinematographic expression and producing short movies.

The project is an interactive and participatory program featuring a package of mobile workshops that will be held in several areas.

4- Broad 8 project- Ariana Governorate

The project submitted by Ahmed Elhermasy, a cultural operator in Mnaouba governorate, aims at establishing a communication network connecting young competencies across the cultural practice fields (cinema, visual and audio arts, theatre, music etc) with producers and those seeking people of competence (technicians, scriptwriters, musicians, actors etc). Broad 8 Network seeks to promote independent competencies and to enable them to show their resumes with no need  for a mediator, within an atmosphere where transparency and independence prevail. Moreover, the project works on developing a remote action method for independent artists, so that they may have an easier access to professional life.

5- Cinema is Coming project- Manouba Governorate

The project presented by Reem Molhey, a cultural activist at the Tunisian Association for Cinema Clubs, aims to raise awareness and passion for cinema and to provide participants with tools for understanding the cinematographic image. Moreover, the project seeks to introduce tools used in producing movies and how to master them. Openness to arts as one of cultural expression forms and mastering communication within a group are among the project objectives.

6- Moltaqa Alomran Project for cultural communities- Tunis Governorate

The project presented by Sofian El-Qassemi, the manager of Ibn Zeidoun Cultural House in Tunis governorate, focuses on the field of cultural associations, which emerged as a vital field for cultural action after the Tunisian Revolution. The project will serve as a contest where art and cultural works will be shown and discussed by participating association members as well as audience. A jury of 3 members coming from different backgrounds (theatre, music and fine arts) will have its say on shows and the way participants interact with discussions.

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