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Action for Hope -Call for Donations

Action for Hope -Call for Donations

Many of us would like to change the reality that deprives a large proportion of people of their basic needs, not only in Egypt and other Arab countries, but also in many other communities in crisis situations. The only possible way to change this reality is to work together as institutions and individuals. This is the responsibility of people who are financially able to help these communities, especially in the absence of the state.
How can you play an important role in changing that reality? The Action for Hope initiative, launched by Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy) in 2013, seeks to enable a large number of people to participate in changing this reality through many different means, including the donation of educational and cultural tools for those living in disadvantaged and deprived communities, in order to help them to express themselves, learn and enjoy life.

Why Action for Hope? What distinguishes it from the many other proposed initiatives to help the needy in poor regions and communities? The difference is that most of these initiatives are only interested in meeting the basic physical needs of these communities and overlook their rights to “live” in every sense of the word. We have launched the Action for Hope initiative because we believe that all people have the right to enjoy art, possess tools for self expression, find positive outlets for their energies, listen to music and play sports. They have the right to find books available, to have hobbies and to be able to enjoy them. These rights cannot remain the preserve of people who are financially capable, as it is now, when schools cannot provide these rights, and there are no clubs or public spaces available for the residents of refugee camps or impoverished neighborhoods and villages. We should not think of these rights are luxuries, because frustrated communities under duress cannot be productive, innovative and creative. Society can only progress through community interest in education, culture and art.
The aim of Action for Hope is to support and empower distressed communities suffering from war, displacement, violent political turmoil, or difficult living conditions, through providing them with tools for expression, learning, healing, creativity and communication. Each program will consist of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 working days within one particular community, led by a team of 10-15 people. The initiative’s work will be focused on Syria and Egypt in 2013.

Each Cultural Relief Program will consist of:

– 6-8 day art workshops for young people, women and children in theater, music, visual arts, film and creative writing.
– Artistic events organized by the community leaders in a social or cultural space, it is envisaged that each program will culminate in one event at least.
– Meetings and social conversations among peer groups about negative experiences and their impact, as well as their visions for the future.
– 6-8 day vocational training workshops in computer graphics and video filming and editing.
– Basic education classes for primary and preparatory school children using speed learning methods.
– Basic medical aid.
– Sports activities.
– Psychological consultations for individuals.

It will also include distributions of donated books, art materials, musical instruments, medicines and medical supplies, computers, sports gear, and other objects connected with the programs.

The call for volunteers launched last month, and those who cannot donate their time can donate any of the tools that the teams will need for their work in Egypt and Syria.

Each team will need the following:

•  Books for children and adolescents (used books in good condition are accepted)
•  Musical instruments (used instruments in good condition are accepted)
•  Computers, netbooks, laptops (used computers in good condition are accepted)
•  Drawing and art supplies
• Sports equipment (football, basketball, volleyball, tennis table athletics, gymnastic, and weightlifting)
•  Cameras (photography / video), used cameras in good condition are accepted
•  Cartoons and animated movies for children
•  Baby formula
•  Medicines for children and internal diseases (the validity of the drugs should not be less than a year from the date of receipt)
• Toys for kids
•  CDs to teach Arabic, English, and simplified mathematics.

Donations can be delivered to the Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy) office, on Sunday and Monday from 12:00 to 5:00 pm,  at the following address: 43 EL Mequyass St. Manial – Rodha, Cairo

For any inquiries please call (+202) 27510771
Or send an email to

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