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Spring in Tunis

Spring in Tunis

28 April – 21 May 2016

#SPRINGfestival // #SF2016 

Always in search of new adventures, Spring Festival will take place in Tunis for the first time. Collaborating with our partners at Cinéma Théâtre Le Rio and El Hamra Theatre in Tunisia, our first edition there not only brings the Spring stage to Tunis and Kef, but expands the festival’s model with a new showcase that spotlights the local within the global. Additionally, and for the second time, we eagerly work with Kirkelig Kulturverksted to bring showcases from their annual festival, REDZONE, to Spring.


We have a lot going on this year. For a quick look at all the events taking place in Tunis and Kef, check the programme below.


Four showcases form the Spring Festival program fro 2016:

////Main Program: Where the global meets the local

This program represents the ‘big event’ of the festival, introducing the creative, the eclectic and the global to Spring Festival audiences. As one of the few regional programs focused on connecting audiences with the global stage, this section of the Spring Festival emphasized the importance of cultural dialogue and collaborations.

Main program artists and info can be found here.

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////Tazamon: Showcasing Culture Resource Artists

This is a new component for 2016 and arose from the need to promote artists supported through various Culture Resource programs. Over the past ten years, Culture Resource has worked to develop the regional independent arts scene through its diverse programs and services. As an extension of this development, Tazamon spotlights the exciting work of artists supported through the various grant programs.

Tazamon showcase artists and info can be found here.

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/////Abbara: Showcasing Organizations

Taking place exclusively in Tunis, the Abbara showcase extends Spring’s focus to include the organizations that are part of the Culture Resource network.  Abbara will feature cultural organizations that have had made outstanding artistic interventions in public spaces or that have produced art aimed at influencing positive social change and public well-being.

Abbara showcase artists and info can be found here.

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In collaboration with Norway’s Kirkelig Kulturverksted (KKV), Redzone is a festival that “focuses on freedom of expression through the arts and emphasizes the ability of the arts to dig deeply into the darkness of oblivion and concealment in the history of mankind.” This year’s showcase continues with the theme of freedom of expression, drawing attention to the artists whose art focuses delve into this. Many of the artists in this showcase also highlight the idea of ‘overcoming barriers’ as both a common global theme and one that is especially relevant to the region. An interesting aspect of this showcase is the particular emphasis on the ideas of inclusion and dialogue to conquer the barriers that separate us.

Redzone showcase artists and info can be found here.

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For more details on performances and artists coming to Beirut for Spring Festival 2016,  please visit the Tunis Facebook page.


Tickets are available at El Hamra Theatre and Cinema Le RIO


20-22 Avenue de Paris Tunis

Tél : 31325200

Dar Bach Hamba

40 Rue Kottab Louzir

Souk El blat Tunis

Tél: 71325115

El Hamra Theatre

28 rue Al Jazira Tunis

Tél : 71320734

Cinema Le RIO

92, Rue Radhia Haddad (ex rue de Yougoslavie)

Tél : 26 803 803


In and around Tunis, keep an eye out for our festival poster with a quick look at lineup and dates. But, you can also check it out here!

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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Pick up a copy of your pocket program for all the details on the events and venues. You can also have a quick look here!

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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Kindly contact Amal Jerbi at amaljerbi@gmail.com or message us here.

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Spring Festival 2016 was made possible with the help of the following sponsors and partners:

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