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Tajwaal Results – 2nd Round 2017

21 November 2017 Culture Resource is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2017 Second Round Tajwaal Program. The seven grantees were selected from a pool of 41 applicants on the basis of an evaluation by a specialised jury. Tajwaal, launched in April 2016, translates into practice Culture Resource’s vision for promoting the dissemination of culture and arts. The Grantees ... Read More »

Ali Chahrour’s Trilogy Tours US and France

31 October 2017 The Lebanese choreographer Ali Chahrour will stage his performance Leila’s Death, which received Tajwaal grant in 2016, at the Guthrie theatre in Minneapolis, US on 12 November. He will also present May He Rise and Smell the Fragrance as part of Les Rencontres  à l’Échelle Festival in Marseille, France on 21 November; and Fatmeh at the Pôle ... Read More »

Tandem Shaml Holds A Joint Final Meeting In Ukraine

26 October 2017 Culture Resource’s team took part in organizing the final meeting of the fourth round of Tandem Shaml program which was held in Odessa, Ukraine from 23 to 27 September and it was unique in its design as it actually occasioned the joint final meeting for three Tandem programs: Tandem Shaml, Tandem Turkey and Tandem Ukraine. Around 140 ... Read More »

Results of Mawa3eed, 3rd Round 2017

25 October 2017 Culture Resource is pleased to announce the grantees of the 3rd round of Mawa3eed for the year 2017. The Mawa3eed grant mirrors Culture Resource’s vision of supporting cultural and artistic exchange between all Arab countries. The grantees are: Ettijahat– Independent Culture (Syria): The organisation will invite Syrian artists and artistic programmers from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Qatar, ... Read More »

Visa for Music Festival Announces Its Artists!

25 October 2017 The fourth edition of Visa for Music (VFM), organised in collaboration with the Moroccan Ministry of Culture and the Hiba Foundation, will be held in Rabat, Morocco, from 22 till 25 November 2017. This forum is one of the most important opportunities for cultural exchange and networking between musicians, agents, recording companies, artistic directors, cultural organisations, media, ... Read More »

Days of Cinema Tours Five Palestinian Cities

24 October 2017 The fourth edition of Days of Cinema,  organised by Filmlab: Palestine, which is currently taking part in the fifth round of the Abbara Program, took place from 17 till 23 October. More than 60 Arab and international films were screened in this year’s edition, including feature films, documentaries, short films and animated films for children. The festival ... Read More »

Broukar Ensemble Tours Sweden and Launches Its First Album

20 October 2017 The Broukar classical Arabic music ensemble, founded in 2007 by the Syrian musician Taufik Mirkhan in Damascus, will be touring Sweden this autumn, with performances in Sala on 29 October, Stockholm on 30 and 31 October, and Västerås on 1 November. The five-member ensemble plays traditional instruments such as the qanoun, oud, nay (flute), keman (violin) and ... Read More »

Selected Projects for the Exceptional Grants – RedZone 2017

Culture Resource is pleased to announce the selected projects for the Exceptional Grants – RedZone 2017 that aims to support creative projects approaching freedom of expression, and focuses on artists who have decided to face the social and political system through their creative and professional choices. The selected artworks will be premiered at the third edition of the RedZone Festival ... Read More »

Culture Resource in solidarity with authors and editors of “Sun on Closed Windows”

Out of its dedication to the advocacy of freedom of thought and creativity, and its rejection of all forms of ideological tutelage, Culture Resource declares its solidarity with the authors and writers of Sun on Closed Windows who have become the victims of a massive campaign of slander and vilification in Libya.  The book is a collection of literary works, ... Read More »

Administrative Coordinator

Culture Resource announces the call for application for the position of Administrative Coordinator. The Administrative Coordinator is responsible for monitoring and coordinating the administrative affairs of the organisation, keeping track of the implementation of the annual plan and keeping abreast with the organisational activities related to cooperative arrangements and relations with service providers and partners. In addition, the Administrative Coordinator ... Read More »

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