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El Genaina Theater

Situated in Cairo’s Al Azhar Park, adjacent to the Ayyubid wall that borders the park to the west, El Genaina Theater is a semi-open air theater that seats around 500 people. El Genaina has become an increasingly popular venue since its inauguration in 2005, and its programs of concerts, music festivals and other unique events- open to people of all ages and social and economic backgrounds for nominal prices- have stimulated a fresh dynamism in the Egyptian capital’s musical life.

El Genaina Theater presents around 60 concerts a year during its annual season, which is from April to November. Its monthly programs feature a range of Arab and international musical performers and groups. The programs are specifically designed to presenting serious original and pioneering experiences so as to expand the horizons of creativity and to attract young audiences keen to familiarize themselves with diverse forms of musical expression from different cultures.

In addition to its regular weekly programming during the season, El Genaina Theater is also a primary venue for our annual festivals such as Spring Festival and Hayy Festival.

For information on El Genaina Theatre programs
Call: +202 27510771
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El Genaina Theater was established by generous support from the Cultural Fund of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Cairo and the Open Society Institute Development Foundation

El Genaina Theater has won a grant to purchase sound system from the Cultural Fund of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Cairo

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